Pavilion 2023: An Inspiring Experience of the Creative World

Pavilion 2023

(Re)collecting to (re)act.

ARQDIS Pavilion 2023 was an international event that explored cutting-edge projects and practice-based research in the creative disciplines. The event welcomed anyone interested in design, architecture, art, and creation, providing them with opportunities to engage with exhibitions, lectures, performances, and activities that enhanced the creative ecosystem within these fields.

Formats of creation in process: (re)collecting to (re)act.

ARQDIS Pavilion 2023 was an international event that explored cutting-edge projects and practice-based research in the creative disciplines. The event welcomed anyone interested in design, architecture, art, and creation, providing them with opportunities to engage with exhibitions, lectures, performances, and activities that aim to enhance the creative ecosystem within these fields.

Pavilion aimed to capture a record of the 2023 state of creation, nourished by plural perspectives, as diverse as the world to which architecture and design respond. Through a meticulous selection process, the works of creatives from around the world were curated and organized into four distinct formats, enabling us to communicate and envision the richness of these heterogeneous practices. The event featured an exciting agenda that included the showcase of these works, inspiring lectures by industry-leading experts and renowned keynote speakers, visits to notable architecture and design studios, networking spaces, and much more.

In Pavilion 2023 processes were understood as permanent developments; as places to take risks and shed prejudices; as safe places to learn from error and imperfection that humanize our doing and thinking. It was a place to foster collective learning and synergies that will give rise to future innovations in the fields of technology, social responsibility and content production.
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Rewind the words of inspiring creatives

Watch the exclusive interviews with our internationally renowned keynote speakers and relive their showcase of the impressive possibilities of the fields of creation.

Explore the event's agenda

Keynotes, exhibitions, performances, workshops, design challenges, studio visits, presentations and more! Pavilion’s agenda was jam packed with options to pick from and build the ideal conference program.

Detailed agenda


Opening: Silvia Restrepo


Parallel Sessions

Performances Presentations Transmedia storytelling

Cazú Zegers

Exhibitions Inauguration
Welcome Cocktail



Parallel Sessions

Exhibitions Performances Presentations Transmedia storytelling


Lip Estudio
Laura Mahé
Lip Estudio
Río Vicachá
C. Memoria, Paz
y Reconciliación
Salamanca &



Parallel Sessions

Exhibitions Performances Presentations Transmedia storytelling

Maywa Denki


Revisit Pavilion's creative formats

Pavilion set out to capture the 2023 state of creation. To do so we received submissions spanning any theme, and grouped them based on four categories of formats that captured the work of creatives worldwide, welcoming the best no matter the medium!




Exhibit was the category in which practices, processes and products susceptible of being exhibited were displayed. Exhibiting is a practice inherent to the act of designing. Its supports arouse significant experiences in those who visit them, beyond contemplation, through suggestive resources and interactions that involve different senses.


This category hosted exhibitions, including pieces in the following formats:

  • Graphic pieces
  • Interactive experiences
  • Audiovisual pieces
  • Objects




To perform is to transform: the surprising ability we have as creators to generate change in our environment, turning it into something it is not ordinarily. This category was a space in which creators could promote interventions and ephemeral situations that have the potential to effect change.


This category hosted performances during Pavilion, both inside and close to the campus. These had the following formats:

  • Performed actions
  • Site-specific actions




The Transmedia category referred to exploratory works and design processes with a narrative focus; that questioned, reinforced, invented or disarticulated narratives. Transmedia projects are multidirectional and appeal to the emotions of those who experience them, since it is through them that the narrative can be interpreted and connected with.


This category hosted transmedia narrative activities and experiences throughout the conference spanning a wide range of mixed formats.




Presenting refers to the action of communicating verbally, visually and in writing the explorations, results or conclusions of a research or project. This category explored five research tracks: Resilient communities and habitats, Digital spatialities, Deconstructing and constructing knowledge, Agency and decentralized doing and Materialities.


This category hosted oral presentations by authors who submitted their work in the following written formats:

  • Extended abstract
  • Pictorial

Be amazed by creatives around the globe

Pavilion hosted 61 projects made by creatives hailing from 16 different countries around the world. Look back on the projects shown as part of our exhibitions, performances and conference sessions and reminisce about their perspective of creation.

See all projects

Paisa modernity: A dislocated Bauhaus

David Vélez Santamaría, Ingrid Quintana Guerrero et al.

Spatial dialogues: a performative installation

Edgar Guzmanruiz

Teaching to investigate by deconstructing knowledge

Melissa Ballesteros

TO FOUND. A transformation project in dissent

Cristóbal Bianchi, Daniel Opazo & Mario Marchant

Revealed resonance

Ensamble Eeva

Protos: Archetypes, Icons, and devices

Laura Jiménez Galvis

M-Experimental Block: Urban wood housing

Diego Velandia

El Madrugón Self diagnose Tool Kit

Julián Rincon & Valentina Osorio

SIMDA (Integrated Monitoring and Diagnostic System for Aquaponics)

Freddy Zapata, Germán Reyes et al.

To analyze to understand and build better city conditions for the social capital under vulnerable situations in Latin America, with the implementation of Big Data and citizen participation

Juan Camilo Giraldo Morales & Juliana Pinto Omaña


Nasif Rincón, Jaime Patarroyo & James Partaik

The usefulness of the useless

María Luisa Vela, Catalina Mahé Duque & Mateo Andrés Cely

Recall Bogotá's bustling creative scene

Recall the tours of relevant designers’ and architects’ studios as well as the visits to iconic projects where their creators were the tour guides. Pavilion’s Studio & Site visits provided the perfect occasion to learn from outstanding talent and discover creative inspiration in any of the chosen routes.

  • A visit to the workshop where world-renown textile pieces of Latin American interior design are created.

    • Hechizoo

      Design workshop that reinterprets Colombian artisanal crafts and transforms spaces through textiles, objects, furniture and lighting.

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  • A tour around the San Felipe neighborhood and its surroundings: the artistic and cultural district of Bogota.

    • San Felipe

      A guided look into three project inside San Felipe with the architect Antonio Yemail: Proyecto Binario cultural center, It’s a wrap and Plural Cultural.

    • Laura Mahé Cuero

      Leather accessories workshop distinguished by its craftsmanship and use of Colombian materials.

  • An indulgent excursion through irresistible Colombian objects, apparel and artwork.


      Design gallery where two studios converge, exploring the worlds of fashion and furniture: MAZ and Del Portillo.

    • Casa creciente

      A studio that brings together two brands: Atelier Crump by Colombo-French designer Diana Crump and the jewelry brand of Colombo-Pakistani Aysha Bilgrami.

      Read more
    • LIP

      Graphic design studio specialized in brand strategy and creation, packaging, corporate image, editorial design, copywriting and advertising.

      Read more
  • A journey to a place that embodies the values of peace, truth, justice and reconciliation in Colombia alongside its architect, Juan Pablo Ortiz.

    • Centro de Memoria, Paz y Reconciliación

      This building gives visibility to the memory of the more than 6,000,000 victims of the internal armed conflict in Colombia.

      Read more
  • A meticulous look into the unique details that architects and designers use to take their projects to the next level.

    • Octubre Arquitectura

      Architecture and interior design firm experimenting with metals in combination with other materials such as wood and natural stones.

      Read more
    • Bastarda Type + Proyecto Relámpago

      Bastarda is a design studio focused on typographic branding. Relámpago is a publishing house, printing house and exhibition space.

      Read more
  • A visit to the architectural studios that have created the most iconic projects in Bogota.

    • Rogelio Salmona

      Salmona was one of Colombia’s most emblematic architects. His works have been awarded in Biennials and declared as Cultural Heritage of the Nation.

    • Bermúdez arquitectos

      Architectural firm with widely published and awarded projects in the field of architecture, urban design and landscape architecture.

      Read more
  • A tour of emerging and established architecture offices with brilliant track records, regardless of their year of foundation.

    • tab >| Daniel Bonilla Arquitectos

      Architecture studio whose projects have won awards in several Biennials and international competitions.

      Read more
    • MEC Arquitectura + Martínez Arquitectura

      Architecture studios that share a common office space and have an outstanding trajectory of unique projects with local proposals.

      Read more
  • A look into design and architecture offices that create projects outside of the norm.

    • El Equipo Mazzanti

      Architectural firm with national and international experience in the field of architectural design, research and academia.

      Read more
    • S&Co

      International design and branding firm that has worked with brands such as Alpina, Loto del sur, Páramo, and many more.

      Read more
    • Daniel Salamanca + Hs2e

      An architectural project designed by HS2E that combines a workshop and a house in a 50m2 space, for the artist Daniel Salamanca.

      Read more
  • A walk through a neighborhood that integrates all the basic services of a city, alongside architect Tomás Neu.

    • Ciudadela Colsubsidio

      One of the most interesting urban and architectural projects in the history of Colombia, designed by the iconic architect Germán Samper.

      Read more
  • A hike to the a natural border in the heart of the city, alongside artist and researcher of the area Camila Echeverria

    • Río Vicachá

      A river that reflects the historical, social and urban layers of Bogotá.

  • A deep dive into how architectural solutions are born, from the macro to the micro.

    • Taller architects

      Architecture office based in Bogota and Amsterdam, working with cities, partners and communities around the world.

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    • Arquimodels

      Company that develops and produces architectural models in different scales.

    • Wunderman Thompson

      Creative advertising agency, consultancy and global technology company, with clients such as Netflix, BMW, Coca-Cola and more.

      Read more
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Discover our commitment to sustainability

In Pavilion, we assumed sustainability as a design challenge and also invited all attendees to contribute to this goal through their participation. Click through and learn more about our efforts for sustainability.

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Thank you for coming

Pavilion took place between the 11th and 13th of October 2023. Tickets were available up to September 29.

For international attendees: Early bird Regular
Regular rate 450 550
Presenting author* 350 N/A
Student 350 450
Member of La Tríada or Cumulus Association 350 450

The above fees include admission, lunch and snacks for each of the three days of the conference. *Authors MUST register before the 31st of August. Otherwise their submissions will be disregarded.

For Colombian attendees: Early bird Regular
Regular rate 1.500.000 1.875.000
Presenting author* 1.312.500 N/A
Student 500.000 575.000
One day 575.000 675.000

The above fees include admission, lunch and snacks for each of the days covered by the respective ticket. *Authors MUST register before the 31st of August. Otherwise their submissions will be disregarded.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What was Pavilion 2023?

      Pavilion was a three-day international event in Bogotá, Colombia. It featured distinguished keynote speakers, offered guided visits to architecture, design and art studios, performances, hosted parallel panel discussion sessions, exhibitions, held workshops and roundtable discussions. Moreover, Pavilion had social and cultural events aimed at fostering audience integration and encouraging discussions on architecture and design-related topics.

    • Who could attend Pavilion 2023?

      Registration for this conference was open to everyone. This event sought to gather designers, architects, artists, creators, and professionals who wanted to learn from state-of-the-art projects and meet movers and shakers of the creative practices to exchange knowledge and inspiration.

    • When did Pavilion 2023 take place?

      October 9th-10th 2023: Pre-conference activities.
      October 11th-13th 2023: Conference.

    • Which language was Pavilion 2023 in?

      Pavilion’s official languages were English and Spanish. Projects were to be submitted in either of these two languages.

    • What were pre-conference activities?

      Preconference activities took place October 9th and 10th 2023 in Bogota. Throughout these days, workshops, conferences, performances, and other practices were organized to foster the exchange of knowledge and inspiration in creative disciplines. These activities were open to everyone, and unlike conference activities (which took place from October 11th to 13th), there was be no registration fee.

    • Who can I contact for more specific information?

      Please contact

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